• Affiche Meurtre à Kinshasa
Murder in Kinshasa
Who killed Laurent Désiré Kabila?

A 52 minute investigative documentary
by Marlène Rabaud and Arnaud Zajtman
Told by Hippolyte Girardot

On January 16th, 2001, early afternoon, Laurent-Désiré Kabila is murdered in his presidential office by a child-soldier who had became his bodyguard. We are in Congo (ex-Zaire), where Kabila had took power four 4 years earlier thanks to his army of child-soldiers, ending the dictatorial regime of Mobutu. Shortly after the assassination, Kabila’s murderer is himself killed while trying to flee. In his belongings, a letter will be found signed by military attache of the US embassy in Kinshasa, saying: " in case of a problem, contact this number ".

That very evening, eleven Lebanese nationals linked to the diamond industry are kidnapped in the Congolese capital and executed. Who is who? What are the links between those crimes?

The movie constitutes a detailed investigation around the key actors of the crime, among whom the current President of Congo, Joseph Kabila, son of the victim, and several other witnesses.It takes the audience through the gigantic Congo and all the way to the Arctic circle, in Sweden, where the directors find the alleged accomplice of the murderer.

The film also depicts the Congolese justice, which, unable to arrest the culprits will condemn more than 80 scapegoats to heavy sentences, 50 of whom are still locked up in Kinshasa’s jail. The injustice of this farcical military trial is actually the starting point of the film, as one of those condemned to death penalty films himself in his cell of the terrible jail of Kinshasa, from where he testifies. The interviews are completed by unseen before archive images of the war in Congo - that Kabila led against his former ally Rwanda and of the military trial during which the abusive condemnations were pronounced.

The movie offers us an astonishing look on a region of Africa which is at the heart of fierce fighting for the control of huge natural resources.